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I would love to visit your school or library!

How does it work?

I give an interactive, visual PowerPoint presentation about my writing and publishing process, and include a hands-on activity with the students to get them involved and flexing their creativity muscles!

What is the charge?

I don’t charge an honorarium; I just ask that you cover my travel expenses from New Jersey, and arrange a pre-order of RAFFIE ON THE RUN with a local bookstore, so students have the opportunity to purchase the book prior to my visit.

What do you talk about?

My writing process! Including…

~Developing characters
~Research (like eating pizza!)
~The blank page: how I get started
~My editor is just like a teacher!
~The publishing process

Email or visit my contact page to reach me!


When I told my students Mrs. Resnick would be visiting our school, they immediately started preparing for her arrival with letters and questions. It was such a joy watching my students bubbling with questions and comments, and then seeing Mrs. Resnick return their enthusiasm, sharing special details about how she creates her characters and her writing process. By the end of her visit, all the students in my class wanted to be writers and were bursting with energy to begin writing their own stories. Mrs. Resnick’s visit sparked a love of writing in my students and I’m so appreciative that she was able to spend time with my second grade class!
-Mrs. Gradwohl, teacher, Lynnewood Elementary, PA


The students have been telling me how much they enjoyed their time with Jacqueline. Her thoughtful presentation gave them an invaluable insider’s perspective on her book and the many steps involved in crafting it. It was especially inspiring to learn the ways she nurtures her imagination and applies it to her writing. One student already mentioned how she couldn’t believe she edits 4 times, each for a different purpose! Her time with them revealed many treasures that they will continue to learn from and understand in new ways as they grow as writers.
-Amy Martin, P.S. 116 Librarian, Manhattan


Fourth and fifth graders were very excited to meet Jacqueline. After her presentation explaining the writing process, students each asked questions that Jacqueline took the time to answer in detail. One student commented, “She had a great smile and never took that smile off.” Students in later discussion commented, “Her book was amazing”, “The story was very heartwarming”, “We hope she visits again.” The day clearly was an inspiration for young authors.
-Mrs. Egger, St. Agnes School Librarian, West Chester, PA