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Introducing my new tumblr blog! | Jacqueline Writes

Introducing my new tumblr blog!

I have some fun news! I’ve started a YA-focused Tumblr blog with 3 other authors.

Between the 4 of us, we’ve published 9 YA novels and counting; worked at 4 publishing houses and 2 literary agencies; received 2 MFA degrees in Writing for Children; edited and marketed hundreds of novels; and spent way too many hours debating the merits of Stefan vs. Damon and Dessen vs. Green.

Now we’ve banded together to create a blog about all things books, writing, publishing, and entertainment.

Bottom Line: If it looks like YA, and it sounds like YA, and it reads like YA, then we’ll be gossiping about (um…we mean discussing) it HERE.

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