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FAQ | Jacqueline Writes
Are you Jacqueline Resnick or Jacqueline Green?
I’m both! I write the Menagerie books under my real name, Jacqueline Resnick, and the Truth or Dare series under a pseudonym, Jacqueline Green. (Although, it’s not that much of a pseudonym; my maiden name was Greenberg.)

Is the town of Echo Bay in Truth or Dare based off a real town?
One of my favorite places in the world is Gloucester, a beach town on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Although Echo Bay is its own unique place, I drew a lot of inspiration from my favorite parts of Gloucester. 

Do the animals in The Daring Escape of the Misfit Menagerie exist in real life?
Although Smalls, Rigby, Wombat, and Tilda are imaginary, sun bears, komondor dogs, hairy-nosed wombats and angora rabbits are all real animals!

Did you ever have a friendship with an animal like Bertie does with Smalls?
When I was writing about Smalls and Bertie, I thought a lot about my relationship with my very first dog, Willow. She was the one to teach me that you don’t have to speak the same language to be a true friend.