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How did you come up with the idea for Raffie on the Run?

I was living in Brooklyn and would take the F subway from the Bergen Street station all the time. Occasionally, I’d see a rat at the station and as he scampered away, I would think…I wonder where his home is? Raffie’s story grew out of that question.

How important is setting when you write?
Very. I’m really inspired by location, and I love to write about places that mean a lot to me. Since New York City and Brooklyn were my home for so many years, getting to send Raffie on an adventure through them was so much fun. I made sure to do a lot of “research,” visiting the places where Raffie traveled. I even ate at several Brooklyn pizza places to make sure my research was especially accurate!

Do any of the animals in Raffie on the Run exist in real life?
I observed a lot of New York rats and pigeons and squirrels and dogs while writing Raffie on the Run, but none of the characters are based on one specific animal. However, whenever I write about an animal, I always draw from relationships I’ve had with animals in the past, like my very first dog, Willow. She was the one to teach me that you don’t have to walk on two legs to be a true friend!