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Raffie on the Run
by Jacqueline Resnick

Raffie on the Run

The Cricket in Times Square meets Finding Nemo―a subway rat must cross New York City to bring his lost little brother home.

Raffie Lipton lives a rat’s dream life. In his family’s subway station home, he has all the food he can forage from the treasure chests humans call trash cans, and the perfect shoebox bed for telling his brother his famous adventure stories. But when one of those stories goes awry and his little brother is taken from their Brooklyn subway station, Raffie must set out on an adventure across the city to find him. Along the way, he meets other urban animals―a street-wise pigeon, a pampered show dog, a genteel cockroach―and faces hungry cats, greedy squirrels, and sewer rat kings.

In Raffie on the Run, Jaqueline Resnick crafts a tale of friendship and adventure, where a little rat with a big imagination must embark on his own real-life story, and find the inner hero he isn’t sure he has.

**A 2018 Junior Library Guild pick!**


Click below to read an excerpt from Raffie on the Run:

Raffie on the Run Excerpt



“A small rat with a big heart makes his way from Brooklyn to Central Park West to bring his little brother home.

Raffie is a young rat who lives in Brooklyn’s Bergen Street subway station with his family, and when his little brother, Oggie, is captured by a human boy for a school pet competition, Raffie, who loves nothing more than a good “aged” pizza, finds a clue in the boy’s abandoned backpack. The problem: Raffie knows where he needs to go but not how to get there. Joined by Kaz, a claustrophobic pigeon who’s lost half of one wing, Raffie goes on the adventure of a lifetime. He dodges broom-wielding humans, a flock of hostile pigeons, and a vicious dog. They hitch a ride in a limo whose sole occupant is the Paris Hilton of poodles: a vain reality star who’s just come from a day at the spa. They also meet Walter, king of the cockroaches, and the flamboyant but not-too-friendly YouTube star Sparkle the Sassy Squirrel, who lands Raffie and Kaz in cages at animal control. Their dialogue-driven escape from captivity will launch readers quickly through to the happy ending. For all that he’s a rat and has perfectly ratlike proclivities with regard to food, Raffie is both literate and a bit of a pedant, correcting the good-natured Kaz’s grammar along the way.

A great selection for readers in search of a fun animal fantasy. (Fantasy. 8-12)”



“Fans of the classic The Cricket in Times Square will love this new book about a little rat with a big imagination who lives in a subway station in Brooklyn. When Raffie the rat’s little brother, Oggie, is taken from their family’s subway home, Raffie must set out through the city to find him, being careful to avoid hungry cats, seedy squirrels, and other obstacles along the way. Thankfully, he’ll find some help on his journey—a pigeon with street smarts, a pampered pooch, and a genteel cockroach—in this charming tale of friendship and family.”



“Just as the viral internet sensation Pizza Rat grabbed the pizza and ran with it, this animal fantasy opens with a New York City subway rat and a slice, and races off on a tasty adventure. Young readers…will get caught up in the quest and active adventure. The book’s also sprinkled throughout with lovely, lively black-and-white illustrations by Joe Sutphin, adding extra dimension, fun, and animation to the already lively story.”



“Raffie is an undersized, pizza-loving rat who spins oversized tales while foraging for food in a Brooklyn subway station. When an energetic child on the subway platform abducts his younger brother Oggie for a school class pet competition, Raffie must embark on a frightening quest through New York City to get him back, encountering a pigeon with a stubby wing, a pampered lapdog, and a vengeful, acquisitive squirrel along the way. Resnick’s tale hinges on the idea that children can empathize with a rat, a pigeon, a possum, or even a genteel cockroach. She also humorously acknowledges the fact that at every turn there are adults who feel the opposite.”



“What a perfect New York story!  The roar of the subway, the grease of the pizza, the loving struggles of a family trying to keep each other safe.  I loved seeing the city through the eyes of the imaginative and valiant Raffie as he tries desperately to rescue his little brother from the clutches of fifth-grade rat-nappers.  This is an action-packed story with a lot of heart, and I highly recommend it.”

~JULIE STERNBERG, author of the Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie series


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